February 2012

Memphis Seeing Jobs Improvements

For those who are living and working in the Memphis area, there is a presence of job positions available. The recent reports indicating the country is seeing job growth is good news not only for consumers but also for those who are planning to do some hiring. As job numbers increase and people get back to work throughout the region, this will only help to increase consumer spending and, as a result improve the economy further. In Memphis, the jobs are growing, but at a slow pace.

Economists Wrong

Memphis Job Market - Where Can You Apply?


For those who are looking for jobs in Memphis, several options available could turn some heads. Individuals who have the right skills may find work in 2012, experts say. Though the economy will grow at a slower pace than what many would like it to, there will be improvements and that means new jobs will come in.

Where to Apply

There are a number of jobs in the Memphis area. While the area still has an unemployment rate of 8.8 percent, hitting the 34th highest position in the country, there are companies hiring locally. For example, you may want to check out Lowes. The company has announced it will be hiring as many as 800 seasonal workers in the spring months throughout its stores in the Memphis metro area. Those positions are available as soon as now and could lead to as many as 25 hours per week, though some could be full time positions.