January 2012

Memphis Job Market and Tech Surge

In the Memphis job market, an increase in the number of tech positions in the area may be helping to get people back to work. The Nashville Technology Council recently released its fourth quarter report for 2011. The report, called the Technology Hiring Trends Report, focused on the middle portion of the city. Technology has become an important part of the local economy in the area.

Middle Tennesee Strongest Growth in State

The report indicates that 1044 jobs were available in the region that were related in some way to the technology industry. That is up 12 percent from the third quarter of 2011. The largest draw for the job increases came from the health care industry. That includes businesses such as United Health Group, Community Health Systems and Vanderbilt University. Annually, the middle portion of the state saw the most demand for these higher paying tech jobs in 2011 overall. However, in the state as a whole, there was a decrease in the number of open positions during the fourth quarter. That indicates that the middle portion of the state is the strongest area for job growth in this industry.