December 2011

Memphis Job Market: Tips for Finding Your Position Now

The 2012 job search you are taking on could be a good one, if you take the time to boost your outlook. The Memphis job market will continue to see improvements in 2012, experts say, as it has done in the last few years. However, those looking for a job are still going up against hundreds of other skilled workers also vying for the same position. How will you find the job that is right for you?

In the highly competitive Memphis job market, a few key things will play a role. Namely, it will be important for candidates to be willing to showcase skills and talents, but most importantly to polish resumes. You may need to take a few more classes or you may need to take on an internship to ensure you have the most up to date skills in the positions most sought after. There is competition and the best candidate is the one that is searching for a job while providing the best possible skills.

Memphis Job Market Outlook: Painful Recovery Likely


While some states are seeing improvements in the economic condition and job market, that's not the case for Memphis, at least not yet. For those who are looking for a position in the Memphis job market, there is likely to be a long road to improvement. Memphis Business Journal editor Bill Wellborn states that the area is looking at the long haul.