The Memphis Job Market Needs to be Business Friendly

The Memphis Job Market Needs to be Business Friendly

Memphis is a large and important city in Tennessee but it is also the least business friendly, some reports indicate. The Memphis job market is craving the addition of new jobs but if businesses do not find this to be an ideal place to operate, why would they come into it? The fact is, businesses throughout the country offer key incentives to businesses to encourage them to move in, expand and operate. However, without these incentives, businesses will simply go elsewhere.

Why Isn't it Business Friendly?

According to a report from the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, the city of Memphis is not as business friendly as others. This report ranked cities on a variety of things including:

·         The economic vitality aspects of the city such as population growth

·         Business taxation

·         Community allure such as education rates and crime

Some of these things take time to change, but one of the biggest things holding the Memphis job market back is the tax burden in the city. It is the highest in the state. More so, low education markets and a high violent crime rate all make the city one of the least desirable locations in the region for job growth and businesses in general.

How Does That Make You Feel?

If you are looking for employment in the Memphis job market, are you encouraged by this information? It could be enough to encourage some people to look for jobs outside of the city. In short, without an atmosphere that encourages business development and growth, virtually no city is going to be attractive to businesses. In addition, with Memphis jobs so in demand, this is not something the city can take lightly.